DP World
  • Porto de Luanda, Largo 4 de Fevereiro, Luanda, Angola

DP World's operations of multipurpose terminal at Port of Luanda

DP World Luanda is investing US$190 million to improve the terminal to help Angola achieve its ambitions for economic growth and to make it a trade hub along the western coast of Southern Africa. The terminal is the eighth port facility currently managed and operated by DP World in its Africa and Middle East region.

An enterprise like DP World Luanda needs people who are competent, motivated, and able to understand the true impact of their work, not only for the company, but mainly for the client and the country. With the guideline to cultivate a dynamic and inspiring work environment that contributes to the formation of an organisational culture that values the commitment to customers, teamwork, leadership, and partnership.

By investing in our people, we can shape their career progression for personal and professional benefit.

Join our team to help reshape Angola's trade landscape.

Francisco Pinzón, CEO of DP World Luanda said: “I’m honoured to lead and work with the team at DP World Luanda in the next phase of the terminal’s strategic development. Through leveraging our global expertise, technology, and capabilities from across the supply chain, we’ll bring our best practices and systems to the terminal. 

“We’ve already begun the process of integrating the local staff into DP World Luanda and will soon start implementing further training and development programmes for them, as well as build the new facilities and install new equipment,” he added.

Suhail Al Banna, CEO and Managing Director of DP World, Middle East and Africa said: “I’d like to welcome all our Angolan colleagues to the DP World team. We are proud to be in Angola to further develop the terminal as a trade hub in the southern west Africa region, which will support the country’s economic growth objectives by attracting further investment and increased trade.”